Alarm Installation Course – over 5 Saturdays – starting Saturday 11th November 10.00 am

Just to let you know that the next Alarm Installation Course starts on Saturday 11th November at 10.00 am (to 5.00 pm)

The course involves approximately 50% Practical “Hands-On” Training which includes wiring and programming modern computer based Alarm Control Panels. It gives an excellent grounding in the area of installation and maintenance of both Domestic and Commercial Security Alarm Systems and covers the recommended European EN 50131-1 Standard. No previous electrical or electronic experience is required in order to attend. Pages 5, 8 and 9 of our brochure will provide further information.

Course Content includes: –

 Introduction to electrical circuits, current, resistance, insulation and conduction.
 Ohm’s law. Basic circuits analysis. Fuses and trip Switches. Wiring techniques.
 Batteries: – Testing and choosing battery to comply with standard’s requirements.
 Control panels: – Standard, Wireless and Hybrid systems. General operation. Local and remote keypads. Programming techniques and use of engineer event log.
 Zones: – Alarm, tamper, exit/entry, access, personal attack, exit/entry delay, etc.
 Detection devices: – Magnetic reed contacts, pressure mats, personal attack buttons, inertia shock sensors, analysing devices, infrared detectors, microwave detectors, hybrid detectors.
 Signalling devices: – Siren, bell, strobe light, exit/entry buzzer & Self-activating bell (S.A.B.)
 Introduction to Security lighting, Digital, Text and Voice Communicators and CCTV.
 European EN50131 recommended standard for Installation of security alarm equipment.
 Trouble shooting: – use of digital multimeter, how to “walk-test” and “soak-test” zones.
 Marketing and selling your product – hints and tips.

In order to simulate a practical installation in a building, each participant will wire up a number of different Alarm Control Panels to typical auxiliary equipment such as strobe lights, sirens, reed contacts, inertia sensors, infra-red detectors, Self Activating Bell units, etc. This practical work largely contributes to the course’s high credibility.

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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